The Concept

Morning Train is an innovative folk and art fusion between cultures and continents. Our first collection, which goes by the name

” The Guatemalan Bag Collection ” was inspired by traditional Guatemalan costume that uniquely displays the Mayan symbols. The basic pieces are numbered and each material were chosen personally from selected Guatemalan folk artists. The production is based on an ancient tradition, their quantity is limited.

In Guatemala these textiles are strictly weaved by hand, and there are several months of hard work between planning the design up until the last stich. Then these materials will get their final form in Hungarian manufactures, exclusively for individual orders.

The making of ” Special Edition ” accessories is sort of a bold experiment; every each and one of them is one of a kind, therefore the so called habit can not set boundaries to the fantasy and creativity. Our seasonal hats and interior decor pieces are truly reflects Guatemala’s rich variety and this unknown, distant world secret pulsation.

We truly believe that everything we do, will return to us. Basically that is the motto of that special donation program in which, Morning Train plays a big part of it from the beginning.


By adapting it’s philosophy our current collections are strictly using  materials that are hand made by Guatemalan folk artist. Besides the aesthetic experience, they share their cultural heritage and the treasures of their traditions with us.

To show our gratitude and respect, in 2015 our donated partner will be an organization that provides home, education as well as support for disabled children and young people in Guatemala. Therefore 5% of your purchase from

‘The Guatemalan Bag Collection” will be transfered to this organization.

Be a part to this wonderful experience!
More details are coming soon!

Morning Train

The Guatemala collection.


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